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➕All healed work➕ •Top of back @tomruki •Lettering @niorkz •Portraits @egg_ink
🔥Fresh Prince @stancesocks from the wifey, what's your favourite pair of #stancesocks  🔥
➕Clip of my back piece by my homie @niorkz, I'm using @tattoomed_benelux to heal➕
🔥Summer is over, simple and plain🔥 • @flow.stgo tee • 📸😊 @portswithbrendan
➕Yesterday's session with homie @niorkz •MORIOR INVICTUS• "Death before defeat"➕
➕If the devils in the details then I'm satanic➕ • • @flow.stgo vest and shorts • @hiddeneyewear Mayhem shades • 📸 @portswithbrendan
🔥Big boy socks🔥
🔥Who's feeling the @flow.stgo Tee? Go check them out 🔥
👑Sitting in a chair but in the future it's a throne 👑
🔥 Go checkout @carpediemtattoomacc some awesome artists, @jc_tattooer_ @mickemerytattooer @ghostdagger 🔥 • @carpediemtattoomacc tee
⚡️AirForce 1s⚡️
🐍 Cut the grass and all the snakes gone surface 🐍
➕Money can't buy happiness, but I'm happiest when I can buy what I want➕ • • @hiddeneyewear Mayhem shades • @flow.stgo tee and shorts • 📸 @portswithbrendan
🍜waiting for the pho soup 🍜
🔥 Mr Mayhem 🔥 • • @hiddeneyewear Mayhem shades • 📸 @portswithbrendan
⚡️Stay at the top like I'm stuck⚡️ • @flow.stgo tee • @carharttwip Shorts • @nike #airforce1  • 📸 @portswithbrendan
➕Caption this➕ • • Best caption gets some @electricinkskin oil spray
❤️We all want it, we all need it OLA❤️ • • @oneloveapparel red label tee & Ballers cap. • 📸 @portswithbrendan

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