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It makes me upset to think back when he had anxiety so bad he couldn't eat. I am amazed at what great food/supplements can do for a very low weight pupper! I am proud to say he's at a whole 50.8lbs now!! He's killing it guys! P.s. This is his "natural stack." I don't know what I would be doing otherwise. 😂
Charlie got the opportunity to try out Caru turkey with lamb stew tonight for dinner! He licked the bowl clean in a matter of minutes!! I was really excited to try this product because it's made in the USA, grain free & has no GMO! He received the turkey with lamb stew which includes real chunks of turkey and lamb with chickpeas, apples, carrots, peas & pumpkin. Caru food is made with 100% human grade ingredients so you know it's going to be great for your furbaby! Thank you @carupetfood & @pupfluence for giving us the chance to try this amazing product! 🍗🍎🥕
Mom said she's ready for fall! Who else is ready for a season change?! 🍂
I got a bath today... I didn't like it but mom said we needed to look (and smell) our very best when we meet our new trainer tomorrow! She used @bonlaterre shampoo we received free from @pupfluence! It smells amazing! Go get your free sample & try it out!
#flashbackfriday  I never realized how stressful the dog park can be for Charlie until this morning. I always thought that it was his time to socialize and see his friends but he was mostly there to police the other dogs which has resulted in him learning undesirable behaviors. I am thinking about getting him into some more training so he can at least be around well behaved, supervised dogs but it would only be once a week. What do all of you do to socialize your dogs without taking them to unruly dog parks? Thanks in advance!
Here's an old photo of my brother & I in the apartment we lived in when I was a puppy. His name is Toby & he's a Pit/Labrador mix! We don't live together anymore since he's a farm dog but I do still get to see him most every weekend!
Here's another of when Charlie was just pup! Sorry for the terrible edit I didn't know what I was doing back then 😂
Just look at how cute I was when I was a puppy!!! 🐶
"Stop biting my ear." "Please, stop biting..." "I SAID STOP" 😂
I'm a messy eater 🐔🌾
Am I the only one who finds their dogs derp photos the cutest?!
Charlie is on a new clean teeth regimen because brushing everyday just isn't helping & I won't risk anesthesia for a teeth cleaning unless it's absolutely necessary. It's not like it's his fault though, I fed that poor dude shit kibble when he was a puppy & I regret every bit of it. (He's not on kibble as of the beginning of this year. He's on The Honest Kitchen dehydrated) I have seen improvements just by changing what he eats but I'm impatient and I want to see more within the next few months. I've been adding bit by bit to his routine & I'm excited to see RESULTS! I use the Nylabone Liquid Tartar Remover in his water once daily. I use the TropiClean Clean Teeth Gel or NylaBone Dental Spray when I'm in a hurry in the morning to get to school, it's a quick clean! & I use the Sentry Petrodex to brush his teeth once at night!
What do you give your dog as a healthy "treat" to help clean their teeth? Brushing Charlie's teeth is good & all but I also would like to give him something to chew on..
Has anyone read and or heard about Nexgard (flea & tick preventative) being poisonous to dogs? I'm starting to read more into what I'm giving Charlie every month when it comes to preventatives and I'm thinking about switching to all "natural." What do you all think about the subject??
@houndstoothco has the most handsome bandanas for boys! Check out "Otis"!

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