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let’s end our night with grilled cheese and french fries at the oldest, greasiest diner we can find.
this plant totally gets me.❤️💗❤️💗
starting today, i only dispose of garbage in pale pink waste containers.
some days i feel like melted drippy lavender paint hardened onto an old cracked window frame.
my first pet was a basset hound named floppy. i loved her and i love this little painting by @poopingrabbit that’s about to hang by my front door. michael is selling/auctioning animal paintings to raise money for all of the horrible disasters currently happening. check him out and swipe left to check out baby me with my pup.
these days when denver folks see me taking photos of their buildings, they often assume i am a real estate developer. i’ve seen so many sighs of relief as i explain the shadow, light, color, texture, lines that i’m trying to capture. the best moments are when the suspicion turns to overwhelming enthusiasm and sometimes even a tour of a cool old space.
denver gives good light.✨
found a parking spot in rino 🎉🚧
lobby ‘round the back #colfax 
watching my pal, master mark maker @ktucek, make her mark at @altogallery 💗
i hold six months of shots in my hands. my rheumatoid arthritis treatment includes a mix of diet, exercise, acupuncture, chinese medicine and one shot a week. one shot a week for over five years. all this helps. and yet, i still experience chronic pain and fatigue. especially fatigue. let's find a cure. @curearthritis #worldarthritisday  #WAD  #curearthritis  #curearthritisWAD  #rheum  #ra 
behind this wall is an amazing old lumpy tufted orange velvet chair that i almost bought.
#callme  (🍩🕺by @birdcap)
with/without. with/without. with/without. can't stop. (swipe back and forth to experience this joy for yourself.)
not into ❄️ on october 9th. please, take me to the desert ☀️🌵immediately. (swipe left.) i'm already packed.
coming soon...💗💜💙
iconic #colfax  ave.
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