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When mom’s phone updates and makes a special video just of you, you must share. #enjoy 
It's happy gotcha day for me! Four years ago my dad drove to Tennessee to pick me up and bring me home! ❤️ my family!
Those kids look up to no good... #runnnnnnn  #hideyokidshideyowife 
Oh geez. Just heard the "B" word. Think I'll lay low and hope they forget. 🤞🏼🙈🚫🛁
Current pic of me. But let's #tbt  to January when they said to me that they would be getting new white sofas and I wouldn't be allowed on them. #yeah  #thatlasted  #lololol  😂😂😂
Happy #tot  my friends!
Apparently, in the country, one drinks water out of a mop bucket. #grandparentsnewdigs  #ruralArkansas  #wherethehellami  #countryroadtakemehome 
Trip to Grandma's house. I'm exploring their new big backyard. Lots of smells and lots of squirrels. 🐿
I got 99 problems but finding a place to curl up ain't one of them...
Dad got jokes.
Watching some football with brother. #bunnyears  #really 
When the toddler throws you a goldfish but it lands under the baby. #Imgoingin  #somethingelsegoinonunderneaththatbaby 
On Tuesday evenings we water the grass. On Wednesday's, we pee on the patio. Get over it. #orbuymesomewellies 
Happy TOT! 👅#photobomb  👶🏼
Pic of my cousin Lafayette. Nice to see he's doing his part to keep up the reputation of the family and the breed. #solidaritybrother  #zzzzzzz 
You know you love it when I bark and make you come to the door but really don't want to come in yet. #fallsforiteverytime  #thebassetwhobarkedwolf 
Yes. Yes, I realize I'm on the couch. Do you realize it is 92 degrees out and you people took me to the park to help the boys look for painted rocks? When did that become a thing? #kellerrocks  #whereisfall  #dying  #kidsthesedays 

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