I've sold myself short my whole life. I've never realized how powerful, strong & fierce I could be. I realized my potential & I'm no longer hiding in the shadows. I'm living my life how I want too... ▪️I'm free from the scale ▪️I'm not dieting or deprived from food▪️I'm at peace with my body▪️I'm the strongest I've ever been▪️I'm confident ▪️I'm happy▪️I have energy▪️I'm free from depression & self loathing▪️I LOVE myself for who I am now & the goals I'm tying to reach in the future. This comparison is from May 31st-today. No editing, no flexing & no posing. This journey has no end...Next program starts Oct. 2nd, excited for the before & afters! 💪🏼🙌🏽😊 #fitlife  #heathylife  #musclegain  #weightloss  #nodieting  #gains  #onelifetolive  #changes