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Do you? CoreStrong is Idaho’s first ever Lagree Fitness Studio and it’s NOW OPEN! Visit our website to sign up for your first class for only $15 and get a FREE pair of grip socks! We’ll see you there. 💪🏻
Lunges like no other! Gonna feel that tomorrow! 💪🏻
We are capable of so much more than we realize. Let us help you do the impossible. Visit CoreStrong this weekend for a complimentary class and find out how powerful you truly are.
Happy Friday! CoreStrong preview classes continue. There are a few spots left. Visit and sign up for yours. See you there!
Sam, the CoreStrong mascot, is dreaming of Lagree! Have you tried it yet? What did you think? Comment below and tell us how you liked it and then tag a friend that needs to come try it with you!
We are so much stronger than we first realize... and when you push through and find yourself doing something you thought you couldn’t, the possibilities become ENDLESS.
Today is the first day of FREE preview classes at CoreStrong! Are you ready to be awesome?? I’ll see you there!
The Megaformer was a bit intimidating the first time I saw it. 😳 Then I stepped onto it and wasn’t sure if I felt steady. But to my surprise, I was! And it wasn’t as scary as I thought. 🤓 It gave me an intense workout and I was sore within the day, but a few days later I was back on it and now I wake up thinking about it! This workout is like any other I’ve ever done. 💯 This week, you get your chance to try it too. Click the 🔗link in our bio and sign up for a free class! You won’t regret it!
#Repost  @lagreefitness ・・・ Today, I would like to demonstrate how to perform the Xpress Lunge correctly. Step 1. Face the back of the Mega or Supra, and stand with one foot on the platform and one foot on the carriage. Secure the carriage foot underneath the foot strap. Step 2. Slowly bend your front leg and let the carriage pull away from you. Be sure you keep your knee directly above your ankle and maintain tension in the platform leg. Step 3. Straighten the platform leg to slowly bring the carriage in. Do not let the carriage touch the platform and make sure you don’t lock your front knee. Step 4: Repeat steps one through three slowly and with control for two minutes, then change sides. As you perform the Xpress Lunge, keep tension in your abs to support your lower back and spine. The Xpress lunge is great for targeting and isolating all of the leg muscles. Including the glutes, quads and hamstrings as well as the abs. Thanks to @dedelagree​ @KyleBartReid, @storm_adam, and @inmybabyarms for putting this together. Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more videos at #LagreeFitness  . . . . . #workout  #fitness  #getstrong  #getfit  #believe  #findyouranchor  #cardio  #ripped  #instafit  #beachbody  #exercise  #training  #fitnessmodel  #muscle  #fitaesthetic  #fitlife  #toneitup  #trainhard  #fitfam  #mega  #lagreefamily  #supra  #win  #werk  #inspire  #megamovemonday 
We are just days away from our free sessions and there are still a few spots left! Visit to sign up today!
Sam is really excited for everyone to visit CoreStrong Studio for FREE PREVIEW classes this month! Have you signed up for yours yet?
I am sore (in the best way) and I’m going back for more this morning. 💪🏻 Sign up you guys!! Sign up for a free class before they’re full and we’ll be right there cheering you on. 👏🏻
Sam wants to know if you’ve signed up for CoreStrong classes yet? Visit our website to find out how you can take a class for free and see what it’s all about!
The mind is powerful and it’s important to meditate on your goals. But eventually you have to open your eyes and put your power into action. You can totally do it and we’re here to help!
The Megaformer employs tension and is powered by you, so it never gets easier - YOU get STRONGER. 💪🏻
Won’t it be cool when you have CoreStrong class to look forward to on Mondays? It’s almost here! Make sure to sign up for a free preview class before it’s full!
And here, in its natural habitat, we see the Lagree Method MEGAFORMER, waiting to transform your body and your mind. Looks crazy, right? But it’s gonna change everything! Join us for a FREE preview class, October 18-21, & you can come see for yourself how it works and then it won’t be intimidating at all.
Enjoy that Friday vibe! ✌🏻
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