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dreaming of cold lakes, crackling fire good company
transformation doesn’t ask that you stop being you. it demands that you find a way back to the authenticity and strength that’s already inside of you - you only have to bloom. . . ✨working on blooming these days. 🌷thanks to the loveliest @haleythuss for the photo.
the only way i want to spend my evenings are seeing @jrakz picking up gord downie poetry with my love.
happy birthday to my other half❤️❤️ i can’t say enough wonderful things about you - so here’s to another year full of creating, travelling, laughing loving. i love you endlessly.
just spent the most incredible week in a literal snow globe where @wynwiley took my portrait!!! is this even real life?? sincerely the most inspiring, challenging, awakening and humbling week of my life. learned laughed with 40 badass women, alongside my best friend AND my real life photography IDOLS! i’m beyond grateful and i’m so ready to grow fight harder than ever to become everything i’ve wanted.
pretty speechless about this entire week and it’s not over yet.
no one can lift me, catch me the way that you do
lopped off my mop this week so here's a shitty selfie in high res ✨
let me know your secret, tell me how you colour all the empty space
we've been spending an unusual amount of time together lately and i wouldn't change it for a thing.
the most autumn weekend ever, doing my favourite thing with my favourite being 💁 @haleythuss
dreams do come true. welcoming the sweetest angel, lola, into our family💘
why are these the best photos we have together??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTFRAN✨✨✨ so glad that i met you and that you've continued to be such a cool person in my life! i hope for the rest of our lives we can take even more embarrassing/great photos have so many breakfast dates. LOVE YOU
more often than not, this is how you'll find me👇 holding a camera eating my own hair. . . but on a serious note, i love my job. it's not always fun easy, usually it's really tough and i struggle a lot with balancing life work. there are equal days of crying happy tears with amazing people or somedays i'm doubting myself and my dreams. i'm learning everyday to be grateful for both the challenges pleasures that photography brings into my life. . . thanks to my bestfran @haleythuss for the lovely portrait.
fun weekend filled with hotdogs vodka diet, midnight swims and the best company ✨💗
tomorrow i'm heading to my favourite place for a mini (but very necessary) vacay with my favourite people. I'M SO HAPPY.
and it's you who hangs the moon
Wouldn't dream of spending my weekends any other way.
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