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Some more lil buddies up for grabs, time next week @holynoirtattoo 💕✨
smol walk-in tree bb inspired by client’s reference. always fun to try something different. 🌿 done @holynoirtattoo
HOLY NOIR FLASH DAY! ✨ we will be hosting our very first flash day at the new @holynoirtattoo located at 790 Dundas W next Saturday, March 24 11-late! Come hang out with myself, @tommy_oh, @curtmontgomerytattoos, @dmtnovikov and @julianllouve and choose from our pre-drawn designs. 🙃🙃🙃 first come, first served, cash only. See ya there!!! 💕
Pretty much a snake with legs. Thank you, Laura! 🐯 done @holynoirtattoo
Toting around my own cloud. 🌧 done @holynoirtattoo
Neurosis inspired snakes for Shayan. Thank you. ✨ done @holynoirtattoo
My dad adopted 6 chickens last night and intends on raising them in suburban Montreal. #midlifecrisis . Anyways, speaking of birds... thanks for choosing this crane from my flash, Tina. 🌿 done @holynoirtattoo
head vs. heart. chosen from my flash for Brandon, thank you! ✨🌿 done @holynoirtattoo
Sleeping beauty castle for Meaghan, who shares the same terrible taste in pizza toppings as me. Thanks, pal! #mushroomsolivespineapples  ✨🍕 done @holynoirtattoo
Ash. 🌿done @holynoirtattoo
v rare selfie from 2 windswept weenies on a park bench. 🖤🥀
You threw a spark that lit the candle that set us all on fire. From my flash for Helen, thank you so much again! ✨ done @holynoirtattoo
The wind picked up and the fire spread and the grapevines seemed left for dead. Thank you for letting me make this Death Cab tattoo for you, Helen! 🌿 done @holynoirtattoo
Johnathan’s first tattoos and the first tattoos at @holynoirtattoo 2.0! Thank you so much for letting me make these blugblugs for you! ✨🐟
Some new ones up for grabs. Time next week @holynoirtattoo. 🙃 [email protected]
Still a little shiny, but healed on Olivia. Thank you! 💕✨ done @holynoirtattoo
Last one here @radiantmaidentattoos, hard to get a good photo so late/tired. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to get tattooed and to all the lovely pals I got to work alongside this week. I’ll be back in Toronto at the brand spankin’ new @holynoirtattoo location this weekend. Heck yeah!✨🌿
Bunny and the jets. Thank you so much, Gracie! 🌿 done @radiantmaidentattoos
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