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At some point in time during a weekend full of growth with the tribe, it became very apparent to me that the single greatest material gift I have ever received is this vest that @stefficordes knit for me. Fuck I love it so much(and her). She took this a month or so ago and I figured there is no way id get a better picture of me in it than this.
Repost from @yodavethomas Old man night train @joyride150 . Great fun session with I'm guessing dudes who have all spent more than half their lives riding little kids bikes. @yodavethomas @dcb1981 @kennyoliver @billymuthafukinbrown (others in attendance but not involved in train I love you too)
Went to @thecoreclimbinggym today. What a great gym. Great building, great routes. I enjoyed the shit out of it even though I still have a bit of a cold and my sinuses hurt. 20 minute drive is cool too. #coreclimbing 
Soba noodles with some stuff and smoked rainbow trout.
Two selfie posts in a row? Guess who gained 30lbs in a year? Thanks rock climbing and organic game meat. Let it be noted that while I'm generally pretty fucking stoked on how I'm feeling now and the amount of 92lb kettlebell swings I can do, my run times were considerable faster last year haha.
Guys, I bought pants. Not only pants but 34" inseam pants that feel amazing. This means fewer conversations that go: "Hey, aren't you cold in shorts?" "No not really" 3 times every time I am outside for any length of time.
Day 1 of getting back to yoga every day. Woke up with a pretty sharp tension headache. Good lesson it's just doing it instead of laying on the couch being bummed about the headache.
Squatty Potty and new bidet installed. Best purchases ever. I mean if you hate pooping better and being cleaner after than don't get either of these things.
So Lemon Bucket Orkestra is amazing.

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