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I am having a surprisingly great time in this ice storm.
Silla Rise
@joyride150 on a Sunday? I was sick all last week and came today to shake cobwebs off.
I like when the snow falls up between the buildings.
Dam nice day for a bike ride. DM for for comedy writing prices.
Friendly reminder to follow @porous_walker if you take life super serious.
First real ride on this bike. Probably my favorite non bmx bike ever. Bought it with all white everything. But fortunately lots of the white accessories are stuff I want to change. I'm really excited for this summer. @ononebikes
So yeah. @pabarclay took some pics at the shop the other day and I like this one. Check him out.
This has been stuck in my head for two days. I loved this so much when I was a kid. Now it seems pretty amazing: "Hey, what do you think the best way to teach kids how to count Is?" "Probably singing over an LSD trip." *Entire writing room stands and applauds
Didn't realize this was the day until I saw @neekobonzini post about it. Some random scattered thoughts about it on break at work. BME changed my life quite literally. Found it randomly while looking for tattoo pictures. Became obsessed with the shock value of more 'extreme' modifications and started checking daily for photo updates of scarring and tattoos. Shannon's blog was the first blog I'd ever read. Year's went by where I didn't check BME or IAM at least once a day. I met people I've loved through it. I changed my entire physical appearance because of it. It was a huge factor in who and what I am now. When he died it really didn't bother me at all. I was very aware of the physical pain he was and and I know what pain can do to your brain. But this year seeing the posts about hit pop up really hit me hard. The last two years have been the biggest transition of my life and I have a real urge and passion to change my body again to reflect that change. I relate to where he was at in his life more than I ever had in the past. Without Shannon Larratt I wouldn't have known that the connection to changing myself physically to match all the other changes in myself would be as important and helpful as it has been. I'm feeling pretty inspired and happy with who I am right now but also very confident in the changes I still want to make.
I haven't posted in a while. Here's a couple week old elevator selfie.
Yeah why not?
Fuck yes outside bikes.
Brookies. Fuck I hope someone wins a Nobel Prize for these.
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