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My life and my friends!!
For all the stay at home mommies!! Sometimes I have to trick him so I can get some work done!! 👩‍👦
So last night I had the awesome honor and privilege of photographing this group of awesome women I did not get a chance to dance because of my back but I did take the photos and I'm looking forward to editing them and posting them it was such a fun night!
Every day work harder on yourself than anything else!!! #tonyrobbins  he is my guru!!!
Smile! Life is beautiful!
Hey guys! I literally have to take some time off to rest, I don't know how I hurt my back and it's hard for me to move or even breathe, can you believe that breathing hurts! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, comment if you have some back pain solutions!!!!!
Today's Q U O T E
Another W E E K and you're alive! What an amazing honor to open your eyes one more time! Make it a smashing week!!!! ♥️🌙💋🔥
Just because the B R O N C O S play today it doesn't mean we don't get it in!!!!
Y O U have every right to a beautiful life
F O R T Y & H O T
R E M E M B E R 📌 Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not strong enough. Whatever your facing today, you can do it ♥️
Yo! Let's workout ?!
H E A L T H ♥️ #scienceofmind 
We are never ever complete on our goals to achieve optimal health and fitness! But we must celebrate every tiny little win!!
Guanyin or Guan Yin is an East Asian bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by Mahayana Buddhists. She is commonly known as the "Goddess of Mercy" in English and Gayatri in Hindi. The Chinese name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin, meaning "The One Who] Perceives the Sounds of the World"
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