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I'm so pumped to have received @bretcontreras1 Hip Thruster Loop today. The only thing more pumped will be my clients' booties. #gluteguy  #booty  #thethrustisamust  #glutes 
It won't get easier, you have to get stronger. #humpday  #tnation  #stronger  #progress 
I'm blessed like I'm sneezin' 🤧 Count your blessings every single day because there will come a time when they are no longer present. There's always a reason to smile! 😁😁😁 #gratitude  #blessed  #thankful  #dailypump 
A #repost  from @garyvee that really puts things in perspective. I appreciate all of my followers and really anybody that's ever simply liked one of my posts. I strive to post content that brings my followers value because I expect the same from those that I follow. Give before you receive. #blessed  #perspective  #give  #gratitude 
Stay tuned... Landon is a professional 📷🎥🔥 #fitness  #photography  #videographer  #gym 
Pulling posts with my dude @isaaccarl_son for some extra deadlift reps! That real Nebraska Strength Program 💪👊 #functionaltraining  #strengthtraining  #bluecollar  #deadlift 
💯📄 Great paper on maximum protein intake in a single meal. Consensus: the idea that muscle protein synthesis is maximized with a 20-25g/meal intake of protein is hog wash. Lay on the protein! Your body will slowly digest it and utilize the constituent amino acids as needed... For resistance trained individuals, your range of protein intake per meal is somewhere between 0.4g/kg/meal and 0.55g/kg/meal both spread across four meals per day. Caveat: rapid absorbing proteins such as whey, may lead to more amino acids being oxidized, and thus not leading to gains. For maximum anabolic effects, it's best to get the majority of your protein from whole food sources and being a part of an entire meal. #foodgains  #protein  #diet  #training 
❔❓ What do all successful people have in common? They form their lives around habits that contribute to their goals and avoid habits that negate from them. It's not about giving 110% once in a while, it's about CONSISTENTLY working towards a goal. Just some food for thought. #goals  #habits  #thepowerofhabit  #success 
➡️➡️ It's been a year... We up 15lbs 💪 2018 has already been an incredible year of growth, but the year is young and there's still much to be done. Let's grow in the gym, but more importantly let's grow as people. . . 🍇 Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We need more of this. #glorytogod  #livebold  #lovebold  #nutrishopkearney  #teamnutrishop 
No caption needed. Do yourself a favor and read Admiral McRaven's book - 'Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life... And Maybe the World.' Short read, but loaded with insight and inspirational life lessons.
Checkin cows on Saturday morning! 🐮 #nebraska  #farm 
Bro (and ladies), ya gotta train the abs... So, here's an at home circuit for you home dwellers. ▶️ Leg Raises - 20 reps. . ▶️ Pulse-Ups - 20 reps. . ▶️ Sit-Ups - 20 reps. . ▶️ Side Plank - 30s (each side). . . . Go through 3x with 60s break between rounds. Enjoy! 🤙🤙 #glorytogod  #livebold  #teamnutrishop  #H >i
Sundays are 🔑🔑 for preparing for the upcoming week! Vernon knows what's up, and any of my fellow trainers and/or Harry Potter fans know what's up too! 😂 #sunday  #harrypotter  #prep  #programming 
💡 Thought of the day: Like an academic student who must reinforce principles learned at school, with homework and study time, we too must reinforce the work done at the gym with proper nutrition, sleep, and mobility work. Dont fool yourself into thinking the work is done when you leave the gym. If you're truly searching for physical growth, all factors of adaptation must be taken into account, not just the ones you enjoy. YOU CAN'T CHEAT THE GRIND. 💪
📣📣 PSA to my fellow lifters: Don't forget your mobility work! Too often we are guilty of getting a great workout in, and then walking out into the world without working on mobility or flexibility at all. The benefits of stretching and foam rolling are numerous, and can not only help prevent injury, but also lead to increased gainzzzz 😏🤥 An app I rely on greatly for my mobility work is Down Dog. The app is yoga based and available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Make a commitment to your physical health and get at least 10-20 minutes of stretching in every single day (preferably post workout) and your body will thank you! . . . God Bless. #glorytogod  #livebold  #nutrishopkearney  #teamnutrishop  #mobility  #yoga 
🏠 In-home triceps workout tonight! You could literally do this workout in front of your tv using nothing more than a dumbbell and your body weight... . ➡️ Overhead Triceps Extension - 3x8-12 each . ➡️ Triceps Dips - 3x10-25 (depending on your fitness level, just be smart) . ➡️ Triceps Kickbacks - 3x8-12 each . . . Tear up those triceps and get a sweet pump! After all it is Friday night 💪🤙🔥 . . . God Bless y'all #glorytogod  #homeworkout  #triceps  #LiveBold 
🔥 At home ab routine for y'all to try: . 1) Leg Lift Pulse Up - 15-20 reps . 2) V-Pulses - 20-25 reps . 3) V-Flutters - 20-25 reps per leg . 4) Anchored Sit-ups - 15-20 reps . . . Complete all exercises through 2-4x depending upon your physical and mental fortitude. . . . God Bless #glorytogod  #livebold  #homeworkout  #abworkout 
Just me and pops twinning and trying to stay warm this winter! 😂❄ #nebraska  #winter  #frigid  #jumpsuit 
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