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It’s not everyday I whip out the bow tie
Sunset vibes
Powered by @belvederevodka once again
Powered by @belvederevodka
Love this city
Funny timing with this pic coming up in newsfeed! Taken around 2 years ago when I started producing the music I make today after being influenced at @tramp_jungle (bought the shirt coz it reminded me of the place 🤣 and I played that style onwards at @dejavu_music_ Wollongong) This past weekend, 2 years on, I attend the same venue and got to witness 3 of my tunes played out. Sh!t like this just makes you wanna keep doing what you do 👌
I always seem to have my eyes half closed in photos 🤣
Suns out guns out (kinda)
The backyard turning up!
Double parked tequila bday shots with the boys
Thanks to these legends for getting a cake sorted at work for my 20-something birthday today 🤣
Sums up how I'm feeling now, solid weekend and a big week ahead 🤓
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