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When @conradsandbacka_tl gives you a rad namakubi!
My new best bud killed it! @sammuelfrost
Hardcore kids take photos for @whitecapco_
@whitecapco_ spring release available now! Love doing cool shit with my best friends!
Thank you @franzstefanik for this beast!
Come down to @harmony_lunch this Saturday for @whitecapco_ spring release party! $5 beers and great company!!
Happy birthday Brayden. One year ago I was there to see the special moment where two amazing friends became parents. Can't wait to see you grow up!
Hand tattooless Eric. Love yourself on Valentine's day ❤
Icebergs of Wellesley 🤘
Never talked about it before. I always make everyone smile and make their days brighter. Tbh I think my best talent is hiding my depression. It eats away at your very soul and you never will be able to explain your pain. I have two hearts tattooed on my stomach that have great meaning and only a certain few know the true meaning behind them thank you for my great friends for always being there. #bellletstalk  #tb 
@eddie_stannard killing it! $10 apprentice cuts and you can look as good as me! 🤘🤘
Love these two guys. True friendship is hard to come by ❤
Love these kids ✌tb
Plague doctor. You already know who did it 🤘
@the.clam You have tattooed me for almost three years now and I can say we've had some pretty great times. Your energy and your work is outstanding. Every time I come into the shop you are off the wall craziness and still can chill and chat to me about what's going on in your life. Not many people can call there tattoo artists a bud, but I'm happy I can call you a true friend. Here is to more amazing times and more rad work to come ❤🤘
@grave.dave always keeping me looking fresh 🤘❤
Seeing these crazy bastards tomorrow for the first time in a year and a half 🤘🍻
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