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the blue jeans made a comeback.. but this time.. ~fishnets~
happy #internationalwomensday  to the best momma out there. i am the person i am because of you which is pretty awesome. 🧡
5/3/18 1 pound 3 ounces 💓
Eminem - Ass Like That (EXPLICIT)
Now Playing: Boogie Woogie Wu by Insane Clown Posse
8 years ago on valentine’s day we brought home my best friend who makes me happier than anything. forever my valentine and my favourite girl. 🐾🧡
i’ll address the elephant in the room yes there’s toilet paper beside my bed
🖤 my guy 🖤
plot twist: we actually went to new jersey
listen to feel something by movements
got to follow the last bit of a sick tour with some sick friends and some sick bands and meet some sick people and had a sick time. so you could say it was sick.
almost brought my new pal oby home yesterday but krystal wouldn’t let me
*hey thanks by the wonder years plays in the background*
I'm the only one who remembers this being taken
here's me and sav in the bathroom at an all time low show bc it's her birthday and I love and miss her a lot
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