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It’s AJ’s birthday!!!! My husband, my best friend, my goofball, and the love of my life. Experiencing the amazing things we have in the early years of our marriage makes me so excited for what’s to come! 💙💙💙
Our baby is doing well and is loving all the attention he’s getting for sure! Only a couple more days and the stitches can come out! He’s been a trooper! ❤️
Wait, Feb 14th isn’t April fools? Our bad. 💕 #betterthanacheesycouplepic  #valentinesday 
He’s not a snowboarder yet, but I guess skiing is a start...🏂👍🏼⛷👎🏼
Dropping an album called “it’s ok to wear clothes on insta.” It’s a working title. 🙃
Bc we can’t let the holidays go. 🎁 💝
Giving 2018 the stare down
Going up on the Goat Coaster! What is a #GoatCoaster  you ask?... actually good question. 🐐🎢
🌈👀Seeing rainbows the whole weekend was obviously infectious
If only everyday could be Pride! We made some kick-ass friends and celebrated the entire weekend. Love was in the air!...along with glitter, rainbows, mimosas, and the smell of brunch all day long. 🤣💖🏳️‍🌈
Our favorite hangout spot has to be the Farragut Honeybee coffee. Whether it be hanging out after work, to study, or to spend some time reading, there’s a good chance you’ll find us there. Such a cool space! 🍯 🐝 ☕️
Between (some how STILL) finding things in the house that need to be unpacked, our careers, school, Nubie, and time for each other, things are pretty hectic. Sometimes you just have to force a smile and push forward! It helps your mood tremendously, and helps remind you of all the blessings in your life! Like this Power Rangers shirt let’s be honest. 😆
We always try making serious faces but ends up with us cracking up at each other. But those real moments are what make the best pictures and so much fun too. ☺️😍💙💚🐠
And how could anyone ever forget our precious fur baby and Tut Tut, the Pharaoh Hound, Nubie. 😍 I mean come on, just look at that pink nose and big ears. 💞 He’s full of cuddles, playfulness, and never ending cuteness. And never ceases to take all the attention off his dads when going out in public. 😅
AJ: the J in KJ And the comic book nerd/personal trainer. My first Instagram handle was Godzillafart63 if that tells you anything. Nutrition and fitness are my passions and I’m lucky enough to get to do that as my job. If you need any help looking like Thor, you’re in good hands. 💪🏼👌🏼
Kacton: (pronounce (case•ton) I know, doesn’t look like it but just trust me on this one) The K in KJ I love this picture because blue is by far my favorite color, and of course the color of my eyes😊👀 Pretty sure this picture captures my personality perfectly. Serious, but with a flare of goofball. 😆
The first picture on our new KJ account of course has to be of us! We are SO excited to be finally sharing this with you all and can’t wait to see how it grows and evolves! Thank you all for joining along with us! 💙💚💙💚

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