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struggles as of late •
just searching for some clarity •
🙌 ・・・ #Repost  @melodieperrault
sometimes the blues is just a passing bird and why can’t that always be ⛅️
aw, check out these lil’ dudes! pops and his pal lance, this is adorable hahah
finding old photos like this makes me happy in a sad kind of way.
smiles for days 💕
talk about taking a stroll down memory lane, these will always be my favourite set of tracks 💕 📷: @pistonkristin
*peer pressure* im an awkward human but my pal somehow takes nice photos anyways lol 🤷‍♀️💕 📷: @pistonkristin ・・・ To have the ocean only minutes away at any given moment is truly something to be grateful for. 🌊 💁🏼: @ktmaccc [2/3]
chill mode 💫
this little nook makes me happy 💕
home girl! 💕
its nice finding pictures you dont remember seeing before. miss you nan ❤️
awwww. how cute were we? #whathappened  haha
1950's winnie 💕
i gotta say, 97 years is a hell of a run beautiful. love you so much, say hi to gramps for me 💕
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