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I’ve not got much room left for my tattoo collection, I have some appointments coming up with @dombrowntattoo @niorkz & @livfrost_ .........Any artists you think I should get tattooed by?? I would love to get a tattoo from @laurenmelina 🔥🖤 • • • • @happysocks X @montanacans • 📸 @portswithbrendan
We may have taken a few backward steps lately, but the younger generation is rising up to shape their own futures. We can do better. • 📸 @ajpurkis • @holehearteduk
PINK BANANAS 🍌 • 📸 @portswithbrendan
When all is said and done, more is always said than done.... • 📸 @ajpurkis • @holehearteduk tee
🔥PERMANENT VACATION🔥 • 📸 @portswithbrendan • @hobojackclothing
Finally got my head finished, massive thanks to @gibb0o for the awesome pieces 🖤 • @theblackandgreytattooleague • @northernreign
Distorted Vision • 📸 @ajpurkis • @holehearteduk tee
When it’s all said and done, we are all moulded from the same matter... • 📸 @ajpurkis • @holehearteduk as one tee
Make sure you watch @happysocks Snapchat this Wednesday for my 24 hour takeover......going to be a busy day 🔥 📸 @portswithbrendan
We are all the same underneath..... 🖤 Make sure you check out the new drop @holehearteduk tonight at 8pm.🖤 • 📸 @ajpurkis
I can’t live and hold the camera, someone gotta take this..... • 📸 @portswithbrendan • @badmondayapparel tee.
My favourite beanie 🧠..... What brand beanie/colour is your favourite? • 📸 @portswithbrendan
The only way is up 🔥 • 📸 @portswithbrendan • @happysocks
Don’t go through life…grow through life...... • 📸 @portswithbrendan
Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending. • 📸 @isobelaitch • @flow.stgo hoodie & L/S tee.
Beanie weather.......❄️ • 📸 @portswithbrendan • @xmylifemytruthx beanie & shades.
Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.... • 📸 @portswithbrendan • Tee @elvisjesuscouture
PINK PANTHER 🧠 What’s your favourite colour?? • 📸 @portswithbrendan •

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