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Finished this one yesterday⚖️ @hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  @sorrymomtattoo #sorrymomtattoo  @ladytattooers @silverbackink #silverbackink  #ladyjusticetattoo  #lovemyjob  #ottawatattooer  #gatineau 
#Repost  @tattootiff Still working away on this one 🖤 Thanks for trusting me Dyllan! @hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  @ladytattooers @silverbackink @sorrymomtattoo #lovemyjob  #WeAreSorryMom 
#Repost  @tattootiff Grabbed a healed photo of Stephanie’s lovely chest piece before adding some white and doing some touch ups. Thanks so much, you sat like a rock for such a painful area! 💛@hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  @ladytattooers @silverbackink @sorrymomtattoo #lovemyjob 
#Repost  @tattootiff Healed progress shot of this pretty tattoo. Thanks so much Chantal 💗 #hellbountattoos  @hellboundtattoos @sorrymomtattoo #sorrymomtattooaftercare  @silverbackink #girlswithink  #lovemyjob 
#Repost  @mothmiranda I am working cover-up magic here. 🤓✨ First session on this owl!! I can't wait to finish her. Our next session is colour, the owl will be relatively dark with browns and blacks to disguise the cross underneath. But the ribbon, jewel, and floral bits will be bright and colourful to balance it out with some dark background shading to conceal the edges of the cross❤👀
#Repost  @mothmiranda Holy cow. Full ribs are hard to tattoo. But I did it! 🦋First session on this fairy lady. I desaturated the photo because my client's skin was very red by the time I was done. Dem ribssss
Black & grey rose on ribs 🌹 First tattoo for this tough girl! 😺 Thanks Lindsay. 😊 Picture is a bit warpy but the video shows it more clearly. I have a ton of backlogged tattoos to look out for my daily updates. 👀
Lion tattoo from a little while back. @hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  #liontattoo  @sorrymomtattoo @silverbackink
#Repost  @mothmiranda First session on this kitty memorial piece 💖🐱 It feels wonderful to tattoo in my style. Can't wait to put some colour in this! ❤
#Repost  @mothmiranda Terrible glare but the best picture/least glare-y picture I have of this. One of my first tattoos working at @hellboundtattoos 💖❤
Half done this panda piece. Color to come. 🐼🖤 Thanks so much Lori for sitting so well! @hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  @tattooartistmagazine #tattooartistmagazine  @ladytattooers #ladytattooers  @sorrymomtattoo #sorrymomtattoo  @stencilstuff @silverbackink #silverbackink  #ottawatattooers 
A fun vintage photo portrait. @hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  @silverbackink #silverbackink  @sorrymomtattoo #sorrymomtattoo  @ladytattooers @tattooartistmagazine #lovemyjob 
Had the pleasure of tattooing this little Audrey Hepburn portrait this past Saturday. Thanks again Courtney! Sorry picture isn’t great. Once healed I’ll put up another one. @hellboundtattoos #hellbountattoos  @sorrymomtattoo #sorrymomtattooaftercare  @silverbackink @ladytattooers #lovemyjob 
Up for grabs! This unique custom design from @mothmiranda is now available! First come, first serve basis! This will go fast, so send an email to [email protected] if you want to grab this! Miranda’s calendar is booking up fast!/ Disponible maintenant : ce design de Miranda est maintenant dispo! Premier arrivé, premier servi! Envoyez nous un courriel au [email protected]! Ça partira vite!
Finished this pretty one off ❤️ thank you again Marie-Clair! •. #owltattoo  @hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  @stencilstuff @silverbackink @sorrymomtattoo @tattooartistmagazine @ladytattooers #lovemyjob 
Has the pleasure of grabbing a healed photo of these cherry blossoms. Thanks Téfanie 🌸 @hellboundtattoos @sorrymomtattoo @silverbackink @stencilstuff #blackandgreytattoo  #ladieswithink 
#Repost  @tattootiff (@get_repost) ・・・ Finished this gals piece of the other day. Thanks Sophie 🖤 Lion is fresh and everything else is healed. @hellboundtattoos #hellboundtattoos  @stencilstuff #stencilstuff  @silverbackink #silverbackink  @sorrymomtattoo #sorrymomtattoo  @ladytattooers @tattoolifemagazine #liontattoo 
Added a little more to this one 🦉 @hellboundtattoos @stencilstuff #stencilstuff  @silverbackink #silverbackink  @sorrymomtattoo #sorrymomtattoo  @ladytattooers @tattoolifemagazine @tattooartistmagazine #lovemyjob 
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