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Clouds are just fog from way up here. Cloudy mountainsides in Medellín. . #exploremore  #stayandwander  #traveldeeper  #wildernessculture  #agameoftones  #theoutbound 
Comuna 13 - One of my favorite districts in Medellín for so many reasons. But the main reason, redemption. This once extremely dangerous neighborhood is now home to projects that memorialize those lost to senseless acts of violence as well as projects that connect the lower income families here with the rest of the city below the mountains. In a world of Uber and Lyft, sometimes it’s easy to forget how difficult life would be if we couldn’t get to any stores, doctors or other neighborhoods. . #onemedellin  #unityindiversity  #photosinbetween  #openmyworld  #travelgram  #traveldeeper 
I’m afraid of heights but being up high is one of my greatest delights. I think the views and the satisfaction of conquering fear is what brings me so much joy. Aerial views of Medellín. . #photosinbetween  #finditliveit  #keepexploring  #exploremore  #travelgram 
“Hey man, did you see the new episode of This Is Us?” - Longhorn #1  . “Ummm, do you mean did I start crying 5 minutes into the show and continue to do so for the next 40 minutes? Yes. Yes, I did.” - Longhorn #2  . Fact - I’m longhorn #2 . *This was just a re-enactment. No longhorns were emotionally traumatized in the making of this photo. . @nbcthisisus and all involved, you’re inspiring people all over. I’ve even heard that the show has helped people become better parents and deal with their own personal heartaches. (I’m one of those people.) You know you’re doing something right when that’s the effect you have on the world. Plus, sometimes people tell me that I remind them of @miloanthonyventimiglia and that’s an incredible compliment 😂. The point is, thanks for doing what you’re doing. . #thisisus  #goodcry  #tvtherapy 
On a plane but dreaming of desert roads. . #keepitwild  #wonderfulworld  #visualsoflife  #travelgram 
Probably laughing at my own jokes. . Those who know me know I’m a sucker for a good dad joke. So much so that when a dad joke is said around my friends, some of them call them Chad jokes. . What’s your favorite dad joke? . #havefunwithit  #dadjokesfordays  #itsthelittlethings  #livesimply  #laughteristhebestmedicine 
It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. - Sir Edmund Hillary . #goplayoutside  #openmyworld  #letsgosomewhere  #tasteintravel  #lifeofadventure  #freedomthinkers  #finditliveit 
Just let me hold your hand and lead you westward into the sunset. . #visualwanderlust  #finditliveit  #letsgosomewhere  #stayandwander  #welivetoexplore  #wanderfolk  #freedomthinkers 
Capturing a moment is something I love to do. I used to do a lot more of it on paper and then, for years, on canvas. These days I use a camera to do most of my capturing. . I think it’s important to not live behind the lens or behind the backlit screen of a phone. That doesn’t seem to be living at all. . But I am grateful for the moments I get to capture and for the moments others capture and for the moments others capture of me capturing a moment. . This day of exploration is one I’ll never forget. Jumping rock to rock in a lava field, standing inside of pueblo ruins (and almost cracking my head open on one of the adobe bricks), laying eyes on ancient Hopi and Navajo lands, gawking at a desert that looked like it was painted with brush and watching a vivid sunset over snow capped mountains. Thanks for the memories Arizona. I’m glad I was there to capture a piece of you. . #lifeofadventure  #alwaysgo  #wanderfolk  #exploreeverything  #visualwanderlust  #keepitwild  #exploretocreate 
Texas hills. Thrills and thrills. . #goplayoutside  #tasteintravel  #openmyworld  #instapassport 
There’s a new and exciting world waiting under the water’s surface. . Taken by @josefinlofgren during an open water certification last year. . #protectouroceans  #exploreeverywhere  #divein  #underwaterworld  #exploremore 
And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anaïs Nin . #whatareyouwaitingfor  #daretomove  #driveyourselfhappy  #getoutofyourcomfortzone  #gotogrow 
Sunrises in LA because some nights are those nights that turn into mornings. . #wanderfolk  #finditliveit  #neverstopexploring  #welivetoexplore  #getoutstayout 
Big skies, bright eyes. . #letsgosomewhere  #wanderfolk  #visualwanderlust  #keepexploring 
Follow me down a long dirt trail and I’ll tell you anything you want to know. . #goplayoutside  #tasteintravel  #openmyworld  #instapassport 
Unfocused. Hyperfocused. Is either better than the other? I’m not really doing what I would call traveling at the moment and when I’m not traveling, it’s difficult for me to find the right balance in focus. . Distractions are everywhere in a “normal” life these days. One second your Googling a review on Patagonia’s newest jacket and the next you’re ready an article about how carrying an extra down jacket in your pack can save someone’s life on a hike. Let’s not even mention the 4 other “keep warm” related articles you read before that. It’s easy to lose focus. And while I struggle with that when living in “normalcy,” I’m concerned with being hyperfocused. . Have you ever had one of those days where, at the end of it, you ask yourself - “Who did I talk to today?” All of the sudden, the questions and realizations start flooding in. [If any of this sounds familiar, head over to to read the whole article. I just had to write this one out.] . #peopleoverprofit  #hyperfocus  #distractions  #balance 
ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m excited to tell you that I’m releasing my first Lightroom preset packs! Each pack has 5 presets and currently 2 packs are available on my website (LINK IN BIO). Best part, they’re only $12! . The example you see here is using a preset I call West Fork. This photo has no other editing, just one click of the preset and done! . Go to the link in my bio to view more before and after photos. . #pursuepretty  #artforthehome  #artfinder  #calledtobecreative  #vsco 
Holy cow! It’s snowing! . 📷 and Preset/Filter: @itschaddyar . #finditliveit  #visualwanderlust  #wildernessculture  #keepitwild  #lonelyplanet  #goplayoutside 
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