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Squats are improving, taking a rest on going heavy for a few weeks. Trying to experiment with some things to see what works best.
They’ll tell you know to live, what’s good and what’s bad. But what they won’t tell you is that you need to be different if you intend to live a life of significance. It’s your life and no one has any right to tell you to live it any differently than you want to.
If you do everything as an average person, don’t expect anything but average results.
325x1, deep rep, just getting started. I was completely fasted, mentally drained but decided to go for it anyway. It’s all about the mindset, so don’t make excuses for your failures. If you truly believe, it will happen.
Every second you spend worrying about what the next guy is doing, is a second wasted that you could of been using to better yourself. Who cares what others are doing? If they are not interfering with your life, ask yourself it it’s really worth your time to even bother having them in your thoughts.
The best part about grinding is no one knows how hard you’re working. They focus on the results but don’t care for the work behind it. I’ve been up to some things, really helping me move just a bit closer to my goals.
Two PRs in one day: 225x15 and 320x1 - 2x my body weight finally. Worked my ass off for over a year. My only advice is small jumps with a mix of patience and strong mindset to not fail. Failures will come, especially if you’re really pushing but you can’t let them discourage you. Instead, learn from your failures.
All about the amrap’s
‼️Grow your Biceps‼️ Did you know biceps are a two-head muscle? (Prefix “Bi” meaning 2) The bicep consists of two parts (long head and short head) so it is best to target both in specific ways. Heres how: , - For the short head: closer grip on your curls and more range of motion will give you those peeks. Easy curl bars are great as they already have grooves to curl close grip. Dumb bell preacher curls work well too. , - For the long head: simply go wider on grip. The range of motion will decrease but the tension will not. I personally prefer barbell curls for developing my long head. Wide grip preachers curls work great, as close grip will target your short head.
Close grip work and partial curls have been my focus in developing my forearms. Arm wrestling exercises work really well for forearms.
195 lb strict OHP, 10 lb pr. 225 seems in reach now. #newgoal 
⁉️ How do I stay motivated ⁉️ Many always ask me this question and the first step is figuring out your “why” - the reason behind what you are doing. My specific why is to inspire others to dig deep in all aspects of life(not just fitness) instead of staying average. First is first, there will be points in life where you lose motivation and thats when you must remind yourself why you are doing this. Maybe you’ve reached your goals and you are simply content? You can decide to push even further or try something new. Plateaus will come as well, but breaking through them is the absolute best feeling. It’s important to remember everyone has different goals, second step is making sure you are striving to please yourself and not others. When you truly want something bad enough, you will work hard for it. If are finding it difficult to figure out that “why”, you may be doing this for the wrong reasons. Realize you make your own choices, so do what you want only if you want to do it.
Happy Friday everyone, go set some goals and crush them. Make everyday count
275x5, completely raw. That last rep took everything, but got it up lol
The biggest change that took my physique to the next level was stepping out of my comfort zone. I notice so many people at my gym that simply do the same routines, camping the same weight yet they complain about no change in size. I did precisely the same for a while and noticed no change at all as well. Once i started to go heavier, increasing intensity and simply trying things I wasn’t used to, I started to see a tremendous difference. It’s important to realize that sometimes if you want to achieve greatness, you will have to try things that average people do not. If I could do it, you can do it too.
315x6 sling, 2 rep all time PR
Finally seeing some weight change, up to about 165ish range now. Plan to be 170-175 within next few weeks
New years resolution is simply to improve myself as a whole. Im more focused on changing my attitude on how I approach things, being more positive and open minded. Nothing serious in terms of gym goals, but more on improving myself mentally. Drop a comment and share your new years resolutions.
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