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One of my best PR's up to date. 315x4 in the sling, gave this set my absolute all. My maximum for 315 in the sling was 2, i was never able to get the 3rd. I haven't used the sling in a few months but decided to try it out. This set was after a complete 5x5 so my true max might even be 315x5 (w/ sling). Can't wait to raw max soon.
People always ask me how I built my chest so large without drugs. It all comes down to training. As a natural, weighted stretch is essential in building a physique. As a novice or mid intermediate, you can get away with this low weight high rep methodology but it won't last forever. Climbing the ladder, you will have to push yourself to go heavier to build more muscle. There is a difference between heavy training and ego lifting. Make sure you are lifting weight you can control, in your realistic range of strength and without comprising form. Once you're injured, there's no turning back time.
335x1 all time PR in the sling. Showing you guys how I amp myself up before a PR/heavy lift. I clear my mind, relax and focus on breathing. Calm my nerves before I am about to lift off then explode everything and anything I have into the lift itself. If you really want to reach new heights, you must give it your all.
Back at it tackling some heavy weight. 80x4 strict arnold press
It all starts with a vision.
Testing my close grip strength: 225x4 but at the end of my workout completely fasted. Can't complain honestly
Back at it again with the minitages
Some more back from the other. Focused more on volume and form, as opposed to intensity. It's imperative to have high and low volume days for optimal results.
Weighted pull ups (weight not shown): Pull ups can be very beneficial, especially if you do them weighted. As you go heavier, regular pull ups will feel so much easier to do. If you can't do an actual pull up, try either assisted or chin ups.
Stability work: if you try these focus on keeping the bar straight. Be careful with keeping your wrists straight and not forcing the weight up. Close grip curls feel great for forearms as well.
High volume barbell curls. This exercise is least favorite but the benefits make it worth doing.
Had a pretty crazy pump yesterday, forget the effects of a high volume workout!
5x3's some moderately heavy dips at the end of my push day. Dips are my absolute favorite as I feel it hits all three muscle groups.
‼️‼️ ALL TIME PR ‼️‼️ 305x1 @ 163lbs wrapless. Feeling good, happy but never satisfied. I'm just getting started too.
Haven't tried 190x1 since the last near death failure few months ago. That attempt was pretty nice, i was like 95% there... but didn't count.
Nothing really feels heavy anymore
With pulls, I use body english for certain movements such as rows. Always be careful, know your limits and avoid ego-lifting so your body doesn't regret it in the future.
280x3 dips, just for fun. I love ending dips on my push days cause I love the way it stimulates the chest/triceps and some shoulders. Can't go wrong with dips on a push day.
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