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I'm in love with the feeling that Iā€™m loved. Not alone,so alone ~ 22 days until dance Gavin dance in Toronto šŸ˜„
First time doing a huge landscape painting :3 Painted a sunset in Aruba for my mom for mother's day šŸ’—
Did a wicked art trade with @adam_blaze_art today !! Can't wait to collaborate with him on this amazing piece he did šŸ‘Œ go check out his page for more incredible work!
@amme_b_shop makes such beautiful sets šŸ˜ #ammeb100 
Happy mother's day momsie šŸ’— I made her s'more cheesecake cake pops and a painting of Aruba
Ive been brainstorming ideas for my next tattoo ^ā€¢^
My sun bathing house wolf šŸ’—
Show me the way you're growing; Your catharsis is beautiful ~ son of a robot - dance gavin dance
I won't change what I am to find who you are;
doing my best to not lose my head these days ; I carved and painted into this skull while listening to @xxyyxx šŸ’— finally went back to my old highschool ,4 years post graduation ^^ one of the teachers who has helped on the growth of my skills in art and life; saved this skull I made in her class back in 2014 šŸ’—
Circa 2015~ 5 years ago I started making stickers/street art and was introduced to so many incredible artists over Instagram; @det_1122 was one of my first friends on here and seeing each other's style and artwork evolve over the years has been a wicked experience
Yoshi's island šŸ’— had alot of fun painting this yesterday; Thanks to @mangoosed we've been able to relive one of our favorite childhood games šŸ‘Œ
getting back into the flow of my daily doodles; My dream has always been to one day become a tattoo artist.. I sabotaged myself by being my own worst critic and not believing in my own abilities; never feeling like I was really that 'great' of an artist. I know if I harness my passion and keep constantly practicing,nothing can stop me from achieving my dream, one day. Never give up.
Valhalla flower; Started this painting last year at @valhallasc while chilling in the forest
I've learned more from pain than I've ever could have learned from pleasure; this week has had alot of gains and losses; But overall I've learned so much about myself and life,so it feels like in the end,it was all just lessons.
Happy national siblings day @kiing_donovan šŸ˜„
Everything was sound is an incredible masterpiece by the very talented men of @silentplanetband . As you listen to each track,the brutally honest lyrics take you on a journey into the darkness and pain one may experience in this life. Nervosa is a perfect example of this,as it's expresses the battle of survinving with a eating disorder becomes as you are caught in this feeling of disgust towards your psychical body; You may realize the harm it causes you but you feel consumed by this inner hatred towards yourself. unrealistic standards and ideas of the human body that we pressure ourselves to be like. I suffered for many years feeling that I was over weight,when I clearly wasn't,leading me to avoid eating all together at points. I was so unhappy that I would starve myself to fulfill this ideal body image I held in my mind. It felt impossible to reach out to anyone about what I was truely going through each day. I still struggle with gaining any weight,but through being able to get support and help,overtime,I felt okay about eating more and saw the weight I gained as a sign of my health improving vs feeling so disgusted by it. To anyone facing these battles each day,always remember youre not alone. @silentgarrett thank you for all you've done through your creations and therapy šŸ’—
One week ago @mangoosed and I saw @hailthesun, @foxing and @circasurvive at the brass monkey šŸ˜ it was such a breaktaking experince and preformance to finally see all these talented souls,all in one evening šŸ’— thank you for taking me on such an emotional journey.

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