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totally dig this paint job.
saved you a seat by the water. 💦
new old storage for little prints. no floral is better than 1960s floral.
have you started watching “wild wild country” yet? it’s so fascinating! i’m only 30 minutes in, but let’s talk about it soon.
happy spring! 💗🧡 what is it about cans of spray paint?! 😍
opening scene for my pink-themed horror movie. 🎬
smitten with these shadows cast by this @stuart.jodi sculpture. the piece reminds me of a reclining lace 🌈 with nods to ruth asawa.
this is the most beautiful bucket with a shmata in it that i’ve ever seen. even your paint drips are great @detour303. thanks for the fun @kyraw___. 💗
these blocks have been around the block a few times, if you know what i mean. 😉
a kind, smart, silly, creative high school classmate of mine passed away suddenly last night. 💔 spent today trying to enjoy the now in his honor. (even let j get extra butter on his popcorn at the movies. i never ever do that.)
“this art makes me think.” 🖤 thanks for making my kid think @cleonpeterson.
✨✨✨ #shabbatshalom 
sometimes i get all fancy and drink my americano out of gold-rimmed porcelain while wearing a vintage band tee. 👋🏼 @thepleasepleaseme 😘
so many ideas. like maybe 372,877,194 different ideas (more or less). hoping to make at least two of them happen in the next few months.
heading south again soon. SO EXCITED for that desert light. 🌵✨
it’s open. come on in.
“was here” is still here! thought i was sold out but found three zines while cleaning out my desk. if you want one, this is your last chance. in the store now. (link in the profile.) #washere 
oh how i love those rusty bits.
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