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oh! sweet nuthin'
a day in the life of betty spaghetty
an amazing collection of amazing poetry by @shaunabarbosa just came in the mail today "Cape Verdean Blues" Thanks for introducing me to this wordsmith @katepeterman @kelseydarragh @adultsh1t
new shirt
there was this one time
not bad
nothing like getting books in the mail when you're sick ❤
I used to draw these flowers when I was upset. I would spend so much time on the details of the petals that by the time I was done, I had forgotten why I was upset at all.
It's that time of year When the world falls in love Every song you hear seems to say "Merry Christmas May your new year's dreams come true"
oh it's just me posting more pics of the sky
people suck. don't be one of those people who suck.
some days are harder than others
rise & shine
remember that
it's pretty out here
id take care of you if you asked me to
good morning
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