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Although I’m not ready for her engine power quite yet, she’s going to be a hell of a ride when I am. To carry on your legacy is one hell of a dream, mom. 💖
If you look at my face long enough it looks like I have a lazy eye 🤷🏼‍♀️
7 years ago around this time you were admitted to the hospital to have a pain in your leg checked out only to be on your deathbed a week later surrounded by family. Miraculously the doctors put you on a drug that gave us 3 more months with you and in that time I never left the hospital for more than a day and when you came home I acted as if you were going to stay forever and It haunts me that I hadn’t cherished you more than anything in those final weeks.They say time heals but the older I get and the more I mature it just hurts more thinking of all the “what if’s”. Just know your daughters would do anything just to have you yell at us for being little assholes one more time.
The distance from you is measured in how far I’ve come. -Lang Leav
Hi friends, this is my face.
Progress is dancing to the same song I used to cry to. - Orion Carloto
New hair who dis? @hairbyshoondaa
“Wow” -Owen Wilson
Just another reason to miss summer 😓
Games. DIY product. Prizes. 12/09/2017
clean up on aisle me
Went to the CNE with shayner yesterday 💖
Pre sleeve 🐇
Such a rad shop
Say hello to my new baby 💖
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